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The degressive rule that child potential develops
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Does inchoate education bring up a talent what is the basis of this one view? Make the potential ability that the child sees in light of us academic. It is with an oak exemple, if say this cultivates ideal growth,condition is 30 meters tall, mean this to cultivate highest likelihood chairman goes to 30 meters. Same argument, we assume ideal ability of the child can achieve 100 minutes finally, that means him to have the 100 latent capacity of cent.

However, the development of aught does not have below good position. 30 meters tall oak can grow below good position, actually reason of because nature is medium very much unmeasured grows very hard 30 meters tall, can grow to reach 15 meters to 12 meters only commonly. If grow the environment is favorable, go up to be bred sufficient fertilizer, meticulously to its again, this oak can grow to come to 18 meters 21 meters tall, grow 24 meters even sometimes, 26 meters. Same, great majority is born to have the 100 children that divide potential faculty, if hold the post of its to develop freely, his potential faculty perhaps can be developed only 23 into, can have capacity of 229 minutes only finally, but if even if we use the energy of the half on child body, attentive disentomb, guide, the child can be become really have 60 minutes, 70 minutes, even the person of 90 minutes of 80 cent, ability, that is to say his potential faculty can be developed 67 into, even 89 into. The primary purpose of inchoate education, want to make the potential utmost ground of every child is developed namely.

But, the development of child potential is following a kind of degressive pattern that cannot go against absolutely. For instance, be born to have the child of 100 cent potential, if from just was born to begin to have reasonable education to him, hold on, he can become the person that has 100 minutes of capacity; If just begin education from 5 years old, he also can become the person that has 80 minutes of capacity only; If begin education from 10 years old, he can become the person that has 60 minutes of capacity only. That is to say, education begins later, the potential that the child can develop finally is less, this is potential degressive rule.

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