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The child sees TV want to note what problem
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As a result of the television gain ground extensively, because this TV is right the child's effect is potential only this influence at the family. To the child, especially little program, can develop its already vision and accept common sense of scientific knowledge, life, can form certain and good individual character quality again. When the parent is coaching the child watchs TV, want an attention to wait for an element according to age characteristic, savvy, choose appropriate content.

The child 3 years old ago still cannot undertake purposeful, organically observes. What they feel is the idea of the thing, like to see bright, outstanding thing. Their attention holds time short, stability is very poor, thinking and language also had not gotten very good development, when so the parent is coaching the child watchs TV, want to note the following problems:

1.Want to had mastered the time that sees TV everyday. Should control commonly come one hour in half hours.

2.The parent should notice to choose TV content. Generally speaking, cartoon, puppet piece and little the psychological characteristic that feature film accords with the child mostly and savvy, but the some in these programs if " Aoteman " esteem martial force, had better not look to the child.

3.The attention sees the sanitation of TV. See TV want to maintain above all 2 -- 2.5 meters distance, keep smooth as far as possible inspect, seat does not want too slant, the pose also wants decorous, lest cause myopia. Additional, TV does not watch when having a meal, lest the assimilation of influence intestines and stomach is mixed,absorb. The parent notices to add carrot, pork liver, egg, milk for the child even kind wait for the food that contains a lot ofvitamin A, when watching TV in order to complement, use up in great quantities " inspect amaranthine qualitative " .

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