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" 0 years old of education "
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The child knows " to expand the capacity of each respect through " type. One is born just baby of a few days can differentiate maternal sound, this also is a famous case that will undertake knowing through " type " . The baby is in maternal abdomen when remembered maternal voice is harmonic talking means, so he comes down to be able to know that kind of sound is the sound of own mother all one's life, make response to this. The baby knows his mother not just through visitting maternal appearance, and experience the mother that goes knowing oneself omnibusly means of the odour that still goes up through maternal body, sound, cuddle and pose. Will tell to the baby, "Maternal " is the mother that excuse has him to be experienced entirely. Accordingly, baby should can experience " mother " to be very fond of to his with tenderness. " of type of so called " is the " type " that excuse has corporeal content and aeriform thing.
The celebrity of Japanese chess courtyard becomes famous person, seeing others be concerned to play chess aside in one's childhood with them. The child sees a person in one's childhood to play chess, establish of root of the chess of its go meeting in the brain at the child. This and the case that begin to learn a chess from junior high school differ completely. What the child leans to the judgement of chess stand or fall is instinctive instinct, and what junior high school is born to lean to the judgement of chess stand or fall is academic. Of course, play go to need intuition not only. But, engraft in one's childhood the main type in brain, can be brought up to produce effect later in the person.

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