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Pregnant woman eats chaffy dish what to should avoid
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When having chaffy dish besides wanting to notice food nutrition, accurate mom still needs particularly advertent as follows each:

Chaffy dish too far not strong stretch one's hand

If the position of chaffy dish is apart from him too far, do not stretch his hand constrainedly bright food, lest aggravating waist carries pressure on the back, bring about a waist the back is tired reach ache, had better ask the husband or friend to do sth for sb.

Add double chopstick to avoid touch bacterium

Accurate mom should avoid to take unripe food to reach with same double chopstick as far as possible take food, will be born so easily feed on the bacterial belt that be infected with takes gut in, and cause lax etc disease.

Oneself chaffy dish is the most wholesome

Accurate mom loves to have chaffy dish, best oneself prepare in the home, answer except soup bottom and material outside him arrangement, food sanitation also is the most important. Be sure to keep in mind, no matter be in wine shop or when the home has chaffy dish, any food must bright comes squashy, ability can take food.

Reduce appetite aid digestion

Vomiting may appear during be pregnant queasy phenomenon, accordingly the nature of digestible energy force of gastric ministry is reduced. When having chaffy dish, accurate mom is like appetite not beautiful, should decelerate eat speed to reach decrease to be measured into totality, lest feed hind be not digested, bring send unwell.

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