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Pregnant woman does not drink hot drink with porcelain cup
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Supervisory management board of American food medicines and chemical reagents admonishs recently citizen, the lead in food can come from enamelware Min. Coffee belongs to acidity hot beverage, if use enamelware Min keep in storage or drinkable coffee, the plumbic separate out that makes enamelware Min easily medium. Orange kind acidity beverage and hot coffee are identical, accordingly, with enamelware Min keep in storage or drinkable and acidity beverage, same meeting increases the separate out of the lead in enamelware Min.

Consider to already confirmed, lead can cause the harm of system of human body central nervous, cause behavior change thereby, still can cause cellule sex anemia. Chronic lead poisoning still can disturb immune system function, bring about chronic and toxic die even. Cadmium can be restrained and destroy the active of a lot of enzymatic systems inside body, have the risk that cause cancer. In addition, the chromium that enamel place contains, stannum, bismuth, antimony all belong to poisonous metal, very harmful to human body health.

Research returns discovery, the porcelain of enamelware Min surface is comprised by siliceous natrium and metallic salt, among them plumbic content is very much, still contain the poisonous tantalum such as bismuth, cadmium and antimony. Research report says, the enamel household utensils that city makes work immerses via the acetic acid of 4 % , can the harmful element such as oozy and certain volume lead, cadmium. Through 100 ℃ temperature and proper time boil, also but the lead that dissolve gives to be measured certainly and cadmium.

As a result of fetal lying growth phase, if pregnant woman contacts the harmful material such as lead to create monster very easily, even stillborn foetus. Accordingly, pregnant woman should not use enamelware Min to drink heat beverage, acidity beverage or eat other and acidity food, in case all sorts of poisonous tantalum are mixed to the mother's body fetal cause a harm.

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