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Bai Xi allows what mammy eats surely to sweep spot food
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The face that the accurate mother that loves the United States always worries to after be pregnant, he fair-skinneds in vain a little can be fizzled out speckle " inbreak " . Research makes clear, of Huang Heban form having affinity with pregnancy food, if one kind is lacked in the food of accurate mom,the name is the material of peptide of cereal Guang pleasant, enzymatic active can add the cheese ammonia acid inside the skin, cause yellow speckle possibility to be able to increase.

We recommend a few kinds of yellow to preventing and cure speckle to have the food of very good curative effect below,

The accurate mom that loves the United States mights as well try.

Fight pop chart of spot food TOP

Contain the food with vitamin rich C

TOP1, yangtao

Fight spot index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Yangtao is by analogy " fruit gold mine " . Contain B of C of rich food fiber, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin the microelement such as D, calcic, phosphor, Potassium and mineral.

The vitamin C in yangtao can restrain the skin effectively Neiduoba the oxidation of Kun, make translate into of brunet oxidation pigment returns element of archetypal light color in the skin, disturb the formation of melanin, precautionary pigment precipitates, maintain the skin to fair-skinned in vain.

Remind: The accurate mother with taste cold empty cannot have more, easy diarrhoea.

TOP2, tomato

Fight spot index: ☆ of ★ ★ ★

Tomato is had maintain the skin, effect that removes fleck. C of its rich tomato red element, vitamin is the best weapon that controls melanin to form. The experiment proves, often eat tomato to be able to reduce melanin effectively to form.

Remind: Tomato sex is cold, if hollow edible causes abdominal pain easily


1, add minim cod-liver oil with 1 cup of tomato juice everyday drinkable, can make accurate mom complexion ruddy.

2, accurate mom is returned but first will facial clean clean, use face of tomato juice apply next, clear water of the reoccupy after minute washs 15~20 clean. Have very good curative effect to treating Huang Heban.

TOP3 lemon

Fight spot index: ☆ of ★ ★ ★

Lemon also is fruit of the hairdressing that fight spot. The citron acid that contains in lemon can prevent skin pigment effectively ad cool-headed. The bath lotion that use lemon makes bathes can make the skin moist and smooth.

Remind: Lemon is extremely acerbity, eat overmuch meeting to injure a tooth.

TOP4 is of all kinds and fresh vegetable

Fight spot index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Of all kinds and fresh vegetable contains rich vitamin C,

Have effect of disappear fade pigment. Its representing has: Tomato, potato, cabbage, beautiful dish; The wax gourd in melon dish, towel gourd, accurate mom also wants great enjoy, they also are had be different from general beautiful white effect.
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