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Postpartum do you still have " quality " send?
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Postpartum mix every time husband is close such getting through hastily, do not have already " pleasure " , also do not have contented feeling! And return pretend the appearance of be perfectly satisfied? Did after having the child, everything change? Why to have baby my " quality " send before be inferior to greatly? After giving birth to darling, a lot of females feel dull insipidity to life of husband and wife! Become " frigidity " ? Sexual love is perfect it is the base with permanent marriage, had baby, doing not have marriage of perfect sexual love also is dangerous! How do new mother solve sexual life problem together!

"Quality " send not tall, new mother issue differs each

Experience " unripe child " after pang, always feel the close hour between oneself and husband is not as beautiful in that way as antenatal, every time oneself are the pattern that fits very contentedly, fear husband discovers I begin to do not have sexual joy! A lot of females feel dull insipidity to life of postpartum husband and wife! Visit new mother how to say problem of him postpartum sexual life...

Problem one: Perineal incision operation was become when I labor, can sexual life make cut splits?

Problem 2: When sexual life of postpartum first time, I feel special ache, was forced to abandon, how to do?

Problem 3: I am not only when sexual life, issue a body to also can ache at ordinary times namely, what reason is this?

Problem 4: Do I worry to be pregnant again? Fear the uterus is harmed!

Problem 5: My abdomen still resembles be pregnant it seems that 4 months, there still is gravid grain above, too ugly. I do not want to let the husband see. I do not want to let the husband see..

Problem 6: Postpartum mom is centered to darling body because of attention. Now, do I fear I am very much " frigidity " ?

Postpartum sex is inferior to antenatal, what reason is there?

Do I become " frigidity " ? Write down Dekanai base the madam ever had said sexual love is perfect is the mainest base with permanent marriage, the marriage that does not have perfect sexual love is dangerous! Since postpartum sex send, I all the time in fear and trembling, which days to know the husband is answered bring back " a third party " ?

What is frigidity? Frigidity appears after young woman is being borne, expression is reduced for sexual desire, sex appeal is insufficient. What does the cause that causes postpartum frigidity have?

Begin sexual life prematurely. After the woman is borne, because be pregnant, the change of the whole body that childbirth place causes and reproductive system, to the gender the desire can produce certain inhibition, arrive commonly postpartum two months, each organ ability returns to normal, sexual desire just can restore to be like the condition before pregnant stage by stage. If husband and wife does not understand this, begin sexual life postpartum and prematurely, especially some of husband is in below the circumstance with loath wife " persist one's old ways " . The body that affected a wife not only so recovers, and still can cause a wife to feel disgusted to sexual life, detest, develop frigidity then.
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