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Pregnant woman has walnut oil child cleverer
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Every accurate mom is special notice pregnancy nutrition, planning how to eat ability to be helpful for fetal and healthy growth. Chinese nutrition learns to recommend, pregnant woman is prandial in adipose for can per cent should be 20 % , 30% , its embezzle and fatty acid are offerred can should be less than 10% , odd not saturated fatty acid, much not saturated fatty acid is for can parting 10% . Still have, the Ou Miga in much not saturated fatty acid, 6 fatty acid (linoleic acid) with Ou Miga, 3 fatty acid (flax is acerbity) scale is 4, 6 ∶ 1. That is to say, pregnant woman wants those who notice prandial and adipose gross to absorb already, also want to make sure the scale of fatty acid is appropriate.

Among them, it is more important that flax is absorbed acerbitily. Because,this is, flax acid is mixed to fetal cerebral ministry, retinal, skin of kidney function perfect very important, acid of long-term lack flax can affect attention and cognitive growth. From fetal period 26 after Zhou Zhi is born two years old, it is the level with ministry of human body head and retinal most significant growth. Be because the mother's body is fetal, troubled by  of  of Lu of ┱ of Tao  Mao to grow dispute to criticize sb's faults frankly Zhu of canister to irrigate closelies question ⒁ of Hu of Tuo of  of Mu Miao Ping shelfs with infantile battalion  Ge of Hong of accept of shovel Chu cape?

Linoleic acid almost consist in is all in vegetable oil, and the oil that flax acid keeps at the minority such as oil of seed of soybean oil, flax, walnut oil only is planted in. Among them, walnut oil not only contain flax acid and phosphatide, and contain a lot ofvitamin E and folic acid, pregnancy and lactation mom might as well eat more a few.

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