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Pregnant woman eats chocolate child to love to laugh more
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According to England " the sun signs up for " message, a scientific panel of Finnish Helsinki university publishs a report to say, if allow mom to chew on a few chocolate everyday, they can laugh at future darling more happily.

These scientists were used to the daily action that reachs their darling to undertake dogging study to the food of 300 pregnant woman, be in " new scientist " the research result report that they published on the magazine, offer accurate mom reference technically.

The report thinks, if pregnant woman takes the word of chocolate everyday, the your person that contains in chocolate " the sense is good " chemical material can pass a mother to deliver the little baby in abdomen. Such, after the child is born, they will laugh morely than average baby, happier.   

Discovery: Is risible darling much cleverer?

After risible darling is grown much cleverer. This is the conclusion that considered to reach after the relation between the age and wisdom in the system. Researcher discovery, clever children wants than general children to the age of outside thing laugh early, laugh frequency is more also.

Look from the development process of darling, grow 3 months to control occurrence laugh response commonly, as long as awake, when the face that sees family is familiar or new a miniature reproduction of a painting and toy, laugh gladly, breathe out in the mouth breathe out the ground to cry, brandish arm toes step on again leg, happy to dance of it may be said. Additional, when satiate have one's sleep out, when psychosis is good, although do not have outside stimulation, also can give out a smile automatically. Before one kind laughs to be called " innocent and happy effect " , hind one kind is called " nobody laugh oneself " .

Consider to make clear, innocent and happy effect is the first pace of baby and other association, in mental development respect it is a leap, it is sexual excitement of a kind of fine to cerebrum development, be known as a dawn of wisdom. Laugh oneself as to nobody, it is a baby to need a respect to gain the response of a kind of psychology after satisfying in physiology, these two kinds laugh to all be beneficial to the development of cerebrum. Understand not hard from this, parents is contacted with darling more, wait with happy expression, language and toy arouse its innocent and happy effect, pay attention to feed at the same time, satiate have one's sleep out, make its laugh early, laugh more, it is the one big subtle move of intellective development, worth while and young father and mother take seriously.

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