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Pregnant woman is postpartum 8 keys that nurse
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"Very painful! " this should be most woman opposite is produced most manufacturing impression! Overcoming labor pains after the cross to body and mind, the thing did not end at this point, because following one by one body changes to still can let a puerpera feel a worry, how long is resembling cut can cicatrization? Can you touch water? Etc.

Accordingly, the article will be taken care of with postpartum cut give priority to, offer sense of the woman's correct postpartum health care.

The sort of postpartum cut

※ nature produces wound

Produce how many meeting naturally to neck of two pairs palace and vaginal organization cause a few changes or be destroyed, but, such cut can cicatrization in postpartum proper motion normally; If because produce Cheng,be entered,exhibit instead too fast, the undeserved during wait for birth perhaps vagina that brings about forcibly is torn off, criterion often must Jie aids surgery to repair art to try to oversew, just do not send wait the time that recover from an illness.

So, produce bigger range to prevent a lying-in woman occasionally and what handle not easily is perineal tear off, obstetrician or accoucheuse can be helped normally with the means of perineal incision fetal and successful be born; Because perineal the blood-vessel that reachs the vagina is rich, the cut that so incision handles is in about 3 ~ 4 chapel can cicatrization completely.

※ paunch cut

Although be pregnant, the process that production is a kind of nature, but still a few reasons make the woman cannot be delivered of a baby with natural way, produce kind with paunch with respect to need at this moment, by abdomen wall and uterine cut will be fetal take out, can help cannot the woman of natural labor can receive a new student safely arrival.

Because operation cut range is bigger, cuticular cut is after the operation 5 ~ 7 days can take out stitches or take place except the skin, but, the time that restores completely needs 4 ~ about 6 chapel.

Stimulative cut recovers from an illness 8 principles

No matter be of perineal incision cut or paunch cut,take care of a principle roughly identical, but because of place different, must use different skill when stimulative cut recovers from an illness so.

Above all, what must notice is the problem of infection, cutaneous is complete the first line of defence that is protective body, because this cut is local red, swollen, heat, painful absolutely cannot forgot, unwell feeling was not improved continuously or should appear only when purulent sex secretion, remember returning a hospital to check at once; Besides, the vagina bleeds in great quantities or eduction is larger clot also is abnormal condition, should promptly go to a doctor.

Next, cicatrization to accelerate cut, might as well begin from the following respects:

1. Maintain cut cleanness dry

2. Warm water hip bath

3. Avoid scar generation
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