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Pregnant woman: Human skeleton Da installs 鯞 of hair on the neck of a pig to ex
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To meet a healthy little baby, almost the B that every pregnant woman takes pregnancy seriously very much exceeds an examination. B exceeds is a kind of nondestructive hurt those who do not have anguish to detect method, can show the disease of viscera of human body essence suffers from, same, also can show clearly to fetal circumstance come. But in some of pregnant woman pays close attention to an abdomen overly fetal, lie between 3 difference 5 check to the hospital. Also some of pregnant woman fears B exceeds an examination the meeting is undesirable to fetal generation affect and reject to do B to exceed. So does B exceed after all how to make gift appropriate?

From the angle consideration of the necessity of the examination and economy, normal and gravid examination with two had better, first time examination is in gravid 20 weeks or so, the key depends on eliminating deformation. Because at this moment amniotic fluid is opposite more, fetal there is larger mobile space inside palace, do B to exceed the contrast with have better, can be opposite fetal check a foot from the beginning, see can clearly fetal each organs, especially limb is easy show.

double censoring is in gravid later period (28 weeks later) , in order to understand fetal grow state of development state of affairs, amniotic fluid and placenta have as good as to often wait, still can help a doctor decide position of a foetus.

If gravid abnormal, need to decide according to the illness B exceeds the number of the examination. In pregnant inchoate (be pregnant 6 before on the weekend) , it is OK that B exceeds the help is diagnosed whether be pregnant, be pregnant 8 week hind can divide head giving a birth, carcass and limb, to be pregnant 12 Zhou Shi, can see apparent deformation. If unusual situation waits like abortion, stillborn foetus, ectopic pregnancy, hydatidiform mole, b exceeds also can make examine break.

In pregnant metaphase (the 13rd week comes 27 on the weekend) , b exceeds basically use at understanding fetal the growth of each place, each organ is normal, especially fetal have without deformation.

In pregnant terminal (28 weeks later) , besides with be pregnant outside the examination purpose with same metaphase, emphasize particularly on to have at checking fetal development to whether be reached normally what be like placental, amniotic fluid, umbilical cord without all sorts of pathology circumstances is unusual etc, return OK and affirmatory position of a foetus. Think commonly, the best time that checks limbs is metaphase.

Exceed through B, can detect in antenatal an a few fetal deformation, so that seasonable processing gives in antenatal.

The person that suffer radiation illuminate is received during early pregnant, also have the possibility that produces fetal deformation. If have above similar case person, still should check B to exceed ahead of schedule.

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