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Pregnant woman raises easy sicken of feline dog child
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Chinese expert announces first an arched bug infection and mental disease have the concern between: Because arched bug is main,host is cat, dog, if pregnant woman raises this kind of pet, the likelihood brings about obstacle of generation occurrence spirit.

Learn mental branch 12 days to be held at Wuhan in China cure 2005 on academic conference, expert of hospital of Wuhan university people announced this to study a result.

1997, accident of expert of center of sanitation of spirit of hospital of fierce old people discovers, the mother of digital spirit patient raises pet to had caught arched bug during be pregnant, establish expert group to undertake study at once. Subsequently, undertake study through antibody of arched to 1000 spirit patient bug, and it is to patient mother before pregnant, in pregnant and unripe child is inchoate with pet osculatory circumstance undertakes investigating, the result discovers normal person is arched bug infection rate is 5 % to control, and the infection rate of madman and its mother is 15 % - 20 % . Mental person infection leads apparent prep above average person.

2003, hospital of fierce old people had animal test again. 100 small rat cent is two groups, bug of segment of a circle of a group of inject fast breed child, one group does not inject. Raise the discovery after period of time, the small mouse that arched bug catchs, nerve development is damaged apparently. Prove further from this, arched bug can affect cerebrum nerve, cause mental activity function to drop.

This research last a period of time 8 years, got the United States of foundation of science of Shidannijijinhui, country aid financially. Professor Wang Gaohua introduces center of sanitation of spirit of hospital of fierce old people, main parasitism is in arched bug on body of cat, dog, consider to just discover pregnant woman raises cat, dog before, bring about child abortion, child easily to catch arched bug. Consider this to confirm, arched bug infection is one of causes that cause mental obstacle.

In the city, cause of arched bug infection basically is cat, dog, accordingly, the expert suggests to prepare woman of pregnant of the right age, ahead of schedule half an year is far from pet, before doing good pregnant relevant examination.

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