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Pregnant woman filling folic acid can prevent infantile deformation
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Come from China to be born blemish monitors a system to was announced yesterday 1996 ~2004 year the result that monitor makes clear, our country is blemish is born to deliver one of states high on the world, have 800 thousand ~120 every year about 10 thousand be born the baby of blemish is born, occupy the 4%~6% that gives stranger opening. Be born blemish, the likelihood is reflected for body structure, intellectual growth, perhaps metabolize those who wait for each respect is unusual, great majority blemish will accompany deformity all one's life.

Yesterday, precaution of the 2nd developing country is born blemish and deformity international congress are held in Beijing, the investigation and study that comes from China makes clear, yo age woman complements everyday minim folic acid, can prevent 8 be in charge of deformation into infantile nerve.

Monitor for years make clear, blemish of divine be in charge of is our country's common new student congenital deformation, be in annual 1 million right-and-left birth in blemish little patient, probably 100 thousand right-and-left nerve are in charge of oaf, main show is without the head after be born a few days, die young, or rachis is cracked bring about the child to break down. The local place that sends high in blemish of northward god be in charge of, new student rate of deformation of divine be in charge of is as high as 10 millesimals.

Institute of Beijing University birth health begins to accuse a center to cooperate with American disease before 10 one's remaining years, undertake in China the prevention and cure of blemish and congenital deformity studies precautionary birth. Result discovery, "Accurate mom " the vitamin B that a kind of stimulative cell lacks to make in the body -- , folic acid, the darling cerebra in often can causing growth and nerve are serious pathological changes.

Beijing University bears healthy institute discovery, the woman is pregnant inchoate 3 months are daily the folic acid that takes 0.4 milligram, be born in north blemish sends an area high to be able to prevent the new student of 85% deformation of divine be in charge of happens; In south low hair area also reduced the divine be in charge of of 40% to misshape.

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