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Monthly pay 800 yuan ask live housekeeper hard
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The bag eats encase, a month gives 800 yuan to still be less than live baby-sitter please, many clients ate in homemaking company " a thick soup that close the door " .
The introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad lady of the lake after living in became mother recently, the plan asks a live housekeeper, looked for company of a few homemaking to ask, the firewood fulfil that just discovers lunar elder brother's wife went up generally 100~200 yuan. Letting what she cannot think of more is, homemaking company almost all with one voice expresses, get a price with respect to cipher out, ask a person hard also, the reason is " live baby-sitter now hardly the person is done " .
The reporter investigated 34 staff person to count the homemaking company of about a hundred to discover, the homemaking labour that is willing to become live nurse all is less than 10 people.
To this, wang Junlan of manager of homemaking of Chinese mouth white-collar explains, wuhan homemaking labour is workingwoman of urban come off sentry duty more, they need to take care of their family at the same time, so homemaking industry is willing to choose more " short, smooth, fast " hour labour.

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