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Baby-sitter barren eats suffering to draw out 1000 yuan to order a live baby-sit
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Baby-sitter barren alleviates somewhat, the citizen has more baby-sitter to be able to be offerred again chose! Yesterday, net of homemaking of hot line of homemaking of sex of Jiangsu city commonweal organized a live baby-sitter and citizen technically " supply and demand meets meeting " , let many impatient citizens draw out money to fall on the spot order.

Look from spot circumstance, shortage alleviates somewhat, but the dot having salary of baby-sitter did not see fall after a rise, stable already in 800 yuan of above, the tower above before comparing a red-letter day is controlled 100 yuan.

Yesterday, below the assistance that saves homemaking association, install did homemaking net organize 1000 blessing, wide edge, duckweed, house of peace and happiness, beautiful is happy wait for Jiangsu a few main big companies, the spot organized tens of renown baby-sitter to choose for employer.

One big early, ms. Deng that lives in a Yu and husband drive on a special trip arrive meet meeting. The bitter taste that helps without baby-sitter had during she spends the New Year, want this to find a live baby-sitter that has certain experience certainly. Come to the assembly room, arrived very quickly with respect to choose, be afraid of baby-sitter " cease to be faithful " , ms. Deng handed in the first monthly wages on the spot 1000 yuan, order next baby-sitter.

Nevertheless, although be likewise,want nurse, but some citizens skill appears a little hesitant however, the reason is market price exceeded anticipate. Luo Nv person wants to look for to take care of a child to hold cooking baby-sitter concurrently, the requirement is not live in the evening. Original budget is 600 yuan, ask to the spot, this one price by courteous decline. Finally, she concluded with 800 yuan, "Tall it is bit taller, but market price is such, do not have method " .

"Do not look down upon came only a few baby-sitter, nowadays is in Jiangsu, company of a homemaking can offer a few baby-sitter to allow employer option at the same time, it is pretty good. " the Jiang manager that duckweed brings homemaking company says, although at present Jiangsu baby-sitter furnishs to increase somewhat, but look on the whole, baby-sitter barren did not alleviate truly. A main reason, it is 559 yuan when the salary that a lot of citizens are willing to pay still stays before, owe appeal to foreign worker worker, because this is new the person into the baby-sitter of travel is not much still.

The newest statistic of homemaking net shows, look from situation of demand of the citizen after the section, the requirement that exceeds an in part is live baby-sitter. Standing vice-chairman Chen Ting discloses province homemaking association, association supports the supply and demand that homemaking hot line serves a citizen this kind to meet very meeting, hope its can be changed regularly. This month 31 days (on Saturday) , still will hold a more large-scale baby-sitter supply and demand to meet meeting.
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