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Search the baby-sitter that makes you satisfactory
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As the development of socioeconomy, homemaking service has made a kind of hot trade. Because the rhythm of modern life is accelerated, a lot of people are unwary at the job to the family member take care of. Have a good assistant, the help handles domestic work, had become a kind of fashion, a kind of demand. How to find a good baby-sitter to had become the topic that a lot of people care. How to look for a good baby-sitter
Advance Ms. Jiang Wu says to the reporter, a hour housekeeper was asked in the home last year, it is workingwoman of come off sentry duty, native, habits and customs and they are about the same, sanitation is used to it may not be a bad idea, although price is bit higher, but consider from the child's angle, also do not care about price. She every Nature's engineering makes time 8 hours, rest 2 days every week. Tell by conscience, her job is quite responsible, take children well, also have patience very much. But, a few let the disposition that we do not like, she always likes to want a thing to our mouth, if we satisfied her requirement, she is glad, cannot satisfy her requirement, she has a sentiment, cast energy of life on child body even. But we also cannot change baby-sitter now, because the child had been used to her, want her only. How should I do now?

Reporter at this point the problem is consulted visited the urban district company of a few homemaking, cropland installs some homemaking to serve piece of manager of the orgnaization to suggest, be a family to find appropriate baby-sitter is a major issue that affects child lifetime, of course parents is the optimal person selected that takes care of the child to grow, but because work,busy, body owes beautiful etc reason to need to look for baby-sitter, so parents should search actively other have similar hold in the palm the relatives and friends of experience offers an opinion. Do father and mother if induce,among them experience conduces to the choice that makes husband and wife according to his circumstance all be admitted.

The individual situation of baby-sitter should be understood when inviting, because the disposition appeal of baby-sitter can affect the development of disposition appeal of the child, although disposition appeal is concerned with a priori, but it is very important to be modelled acquiredly. Baby-sitter and child live together, the time that accompanies in some paragraph of time is more, so, baby-sitter is child me-too a main target. Serve as parents to cannot be despised, its disposition appeal is answered to be made one time when asking housekeeper make an on-the-spot investigation. The disposition factor of parental oneself should consider when the disposition appeal that inspects baby-sitter, because the child is successive after all disposition gene of parents.

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