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Live model baby-sitter is become " sweet pastry "
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After the section these days, the bark gentleman of provincial capital wants to look for round-the-clock model live baby-sitter will look after children, can seek several homemaking company continuously, it is very in short supply this kind of personnel. Reporter from Hefei city company of a few homemaking understood yesterday, at present is live model baby-sitter became homemaking market " sweet pastry " , round-the-clock model, live model homemaking personnel is very in short supply.

Yesterday, some homemaking serves Hefei company one

The staff member tells a reporter, the market before the Spring Festival needs hour worker worker in great quantities, can be over too year, a lot of have old person or the family that the child needs to take care of to prepare to retain nurse for a long time, bring about live model baby-sitter demands exceeds supply, and what homemaking company more can offer is hour labour is mixed a long time model homemaking personnel. According to introducing, after the section these two days, many 20 homemaking personnel comes to this homemaking company register, but a lot of people are not willing to become live model baby-sitter.

Why live model does baby-sitter appear in short supply? The staff member of this homemaking company is analysed, because,this basically is round-the-clock model and live model the working hours of baby-sitter is long, salary is not carried however. As we have learned, in Hefei, a long time model the average wage of baby-sitter is in 400 yuan of ~ 450 yuan every months, work 4 hours everyday commonly, and round-the-clock model baby-sitter works 10 hours, salary is in only 600 yuan of ~ 650 yuan every months, under photograph comparing, industry of a lot of homemaking is willing to do hour to be versed in more, or do two half Nature's engineering, lunar income wants prep above live model baby-sitter. Association of Hefei city homemaking expresses about personnel, should change live model the current situation with in short supply baby-sitter, increase their income only.

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