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The breach before live baby-sitter section 120 thousand
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Before Jiangsu section " baby-sitter barren " symptom emersion. The reporter saved homemaking association to understand from Guangdong yesterday, had come home as large quantities of baby-sitter the Spring Festival, demand of Jiangsu city live baby-sitter had appeared the big gap of 120 thousand person. For this, enterprise of bibcock of Jiangsu homemaking industry is passed new enlightened 96909 community family serves

Hot line, persuading employer to change hire not live nurse, during satisfy Jiangsu Spring Festival with this pass high at ordinary times the baby-sitter demand of 3 times. The proposal asks hour labour to replace live baby-sitter

"Call now those who come, majority needs live baby-sitter. " controller of Jiangsu community center expresses, this hot line from last Monday (18 days) try since moving, the altogether inside 9 days receives incoming message of 1600 many citizens. Although the hot line is enlightened when, hot line center ever emphasized external for many times at present baby-sitter assumes in short supply position in whole town and even total national capital, service hot line provides the service such as hour labour only temporarily, after baby-sitter service needs to wait for the Spring Festival, ability is rolled out; But the incoming message that still has 55% asks to provide baby-sitter service.

Statistic shows, on average everyday 110 much people dial a hot line to look for baby-sitter. Standing vice-chairman Chen Ting introduces association of Guangdong province homemaking, according to preliminary count, jiangsu city homemaking is made an appointment with from personnel of course of study 400 thousand, basically can satisfy market demand. But Spring Festival around, because baby-sitter answers native place to spend the New Year, and a few do not need baby-sitter at ordinary times but spend the New Year the domestic increase that should ask baby-sitter to do chore, the demand of labour of hour of as a result, live baby-sitter increase sharply 3 times, among them live baby-sitter breach is amounted to 120 thousand.

Chen Ting suggests, to answer every of annual bottom " baby-sitter barren " , the citizen can choose hour labour to replace live baby-sitter temporarily, at present Jiangsu hour is versed in collect fees average be 10 yuan / hour, compare with live baby-sitter photograph, charge differs not to calculate big. The elder brother's wife that ask a month had better shift to an earlier date half an year makes an appointment

Chen Ting still tells a reporter, because many families plan to be in pig year birth darling, the lunar elder brother's wife with professional higher skill more " popular " , half an year of best in advance makes an appointment.

It is pig of the traditional Chinese calendar next year year, the view that folk circulates is encounter 60 years " golden pig year " , many new personality gather together to marry this year, drive in next year to be born thereby " pig darling " . In area of the Milky way, october marriage registered a number to had achieved 7251 pairs before, than last year the corresponding period grew nearly 5 to become. Controller of 1000 blessing homemaking tells a reporter, this kind gathers together bear " golden pig darling " circumstance, more drama the situation that market of Jiangsu month elder brother's wife demands exceeds supply. Member village street a lady of surname poplar was about to produce in Feburary next year, the month calls to ask lunar elder brother's wife to homemaking company on, the accused knows to be arranged hard. Later, she passes colleague introduction, nice not easy gift booked this colleague this year first half of the year once the lunar elder brother's wife of employ.
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