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Common sense of Nanjing live baby-sitter
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Safe cleanness of the 3rd class is wholesome
The work that washs the rinse that wash rinse is not simple, the thing is used undeserved, can let him baby-sitter be harmed not only, and still can leave snake in the grass to the family. The 5 big mistakes that baby-sitter often makes are below, can remind beforehand, lest forms a habit bad to change.
Mistake 1 clean things makes at will
Where is the fault: The place with cleanness and different disinfection should use different tool. Give a floor decontamination, should use floor cleaner, the decontamination of ceramic tile surface that gives kitchen and toilet should use clean porcelain treasure, use clean lavatory spirit to closestool decontamination, to bath crock disinfection should be used blanch water or 84 disinfection fluid. When disinfecting, the tool wants special, the brush that brushs closestool can use the jar that brush bath anything but, the dishcloth that brushs the ground also cannot be used brush metope. Additional, when teaching baby-sitter to use clean things, should emphasize particularly, what cleaner cannot be contacted directly with the hand, what disinfectant is need attenuant and rear can use,
2 disinfectant put the mistake at will
Where is the fault: There is the child in the home, those who put a thing be about to take care all the more, cannot optional in the corner that the disinfectant of a clean lavatory clever and so on puts in the house at will, lest the child is taken by accident, feed by accident, cause harm.

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