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Why is Spring Festival baby-sitter versed in beg hard
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"After passing from new year's day, begin to the citizen plays the homemaking waitress during the phone books the Spring Festival, although they agree to go out,compare at ordinary times tower above a lot of salary, very few still somebody works. " speak of the Spring Festival that has shown at the beginning of symptom " baby-sitter barren " , yuan Meirong of director of service center of homemaking of half the sky of the Women's Federation of area of Shijiazhuang city Chang'an is very helpless.

Draw near year old of end, rang again in the city " baby-sitter " the footstep that abandon a town and goes. As we have learned, although industry of provincial capital homemaking transforms in effort all the time a few ab extra the idea from personnel of course of study, hope during their Spring Festival can " stay behind " former post, but yield results is not remarkable, those who be willing to stay is the practitioner that comes from circumjacent county town mostly, and this to fill Spring Festival during so big " baby-sitter " market space is an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation almost.

Beijing homemaking company comes stone is begged " baby-sitter "

As we have learned, personnel of service of ab extra homemaking is commonly before the Spring Festival left and right sides of a month begins from the city " backtrack " , cross the festival of lanterns to return a city again. In this one half-moon time, of size city " baby-sitter " the market is in basically " vacuum condition " . Not long ago, when a company protecting clean of Beijing seeks outside help to Shijiazhuang person of the same trade, got likewise " the Spring Festival near, one work is begged hard " answer.

"Money does not have money, come home spend the New Year " , over- " reunion year " the tradition is during causing the Spring Festival " baby-sitter barren " immediate cause. To this, the controller of company of a few homemaking also shows enough understanding. Yuan Meirong tells the author: "Going after reunion and beauty is the one part of culture of tradition of the Chinese nation, if make bit of money for how merely, everybody abandoned kissing affection, that also is not what favour. Who doesn't have outer person think of the complex of countryside? Who doesn't have outer person think of the complex of countryside??

"All the year round is outer edge, spent the New Year which can come home look, stay in Shijiazhuang to spend the New Year to be no good for certain! " come from Hunan king eldest sister speaks of the homemaking clerk that provincial capital works to spend the New Year to whether come home, the manner is very determined. Ask her when the author, when the sky that why taking the advantage of the Spring Festival should earn bit of money more, she shakes her head sturdily, say: "Do not come home spend the New Year to be not explained with oneself, more never mention it follow a family member! More never mention it follow a family member!!
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