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National level - homemaking serves (the opinion stalks of grain)
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Professional service skill accords with the regulation of 6.6.

Clerk of 1.1.1 advanced homemaking

Advanced homemaking clerk should have the following requirement:

-- above works 2 years continuously in one's job course of study after three-year institution of higher learning gains competence of profession of intermediate homemaking clerk with above paragraphs changes rate or be in;

-- accept groom normally the above when achieving 300 standard learning, accepting above works 2 years continuously in one's job course of study after grooming;

-- master basic service skill and certain professional service skill, can coach and groom first, intermediate homemaking clerk.

Skill of 1.2 basic services

1.2.1 families are formal

Homemaking clerk should pass the formal knowledge related study, the formal process with due comply with, have daily and human society, accomplish dress neat, language decent, bearing is dignified, establish the goal of harmonious and human relation in order to achieve.

The basic technical ability with formal family should include:

-- the time with different basis, place and circumstance collocation dress;

-- the basic method that makes up daily;

-- apply the ways one gets along with others of daily intercourse ceremony;

-- get along with the person harmony of different age, sexual distinction.

The basic knowledge with formal family should include:

-- daily and courteous diction;

-- appearance of correct sitting position, station, take appearance, expression and sign;

-- recieve guest and receive calling formal order;

-- the life of our country minority is consuetudinary;

-- of our country main religion basic and formal with consuetudinary;

-- of red-letter day of our country main convention consuetudinary;

-- the west is main of religious belief and festival basic and formal and consuetudinary.

Meal of the 1.2.2 families that make

Homemaking clerk should master the basic method of meal of the family that make, in order to finish domestic meal staple food and dish make, make recipe according to relevant dietetics knowledge, in order to achieve the goal with prandial balance.

The basic technical ability of meal of the family that make should include:

-- make science, reasonable recipe;

-- buy raw material records concerned items of an account;

-- master raw material clean and machine a method;

-- the technological process that masters the staple food that make and dish;

-- use kitchen utensils and appliances and cooking utensils correctly, be cleaned in time and disinfect.

The basic knowledge of meal of the family that make should include:

-- the character of basic dressing and utility;
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