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Partnership asks housekeeper carefree economical
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Partnership buys fitness card, rent a house, hit... nowadays, of such " joint-stock " consumption already was accepted by place of many young and lone white-collar. So, leave single life, stride is married cavalcade of male and female, how should exchange the biggest gains with the smallest investment. Yesterday, the reporter discovered one kind suits married and young couple very much " joint-stock " consumption-----Ask housekeeper.

Live in a beautiful Zhao Jianbo to just married last year, he is the home is medium alone child, had not done what chore. After marriage, xiaozhao feels the wife should fulfil his obligation, attend the daily life in good home. And his wife thinks, she also should go out euqally the job raises the home, household thing wants him again a person is done, too inequitable. Very fast, this feels the life to young couple " imbroglio " : Breakfast can save a province, lunch eats the free box meal that the company provides, dinner and colleague by turns " be the banker " , flat perhaps in roadside booth eats the bowl rice line, jellied bean curd that drink a bowl... washing the sheet, housework job that pulls a floor board is you push me more, I push you.

Later, two people decide to ask a baby-sitter to clear away housework, lest affects feeling for household thing. But two people ask to employ a baby-sitter to want to cost 800 yuan or so, have in the heart some make a whisper. Although the lunar income of two people is more considerable, but pay a building come-and-go of cost of loan, mobile phone, transportation expenses, favor... always be a remnant every months very few. If be spent again,779 yuan employ a person to clear away the home to have some of be unable to stand really. Xiaozhao says his worry to the colleague to listen later, the fellow says him home also wants to employ an individual to clear away housework, anyway two live business street, as " joint-stock " ask a housekeeper. Small Zhao Yi listens to agree willingly, then two each are contributive 400 yuan of collective hire a middleaged woman: Odd-numbered days helps Home Xiaozhao clear away in the morning, gang colleague is cleared away afternoon, conveniently makes dinner. Even-numbered days is contrary. In the home tertian heat up a meal with respect to dish having heat, as mutual as the colleague " loiter meal " frequency nature decreases, every the month saves the charge that come down this to have two only 300 yuan. Plus life consecution a lot of, two people more and more love the home.

The urban district director of one homemaking company Ms. Xu thinks, like Xiaozhao this is opposite at hand is not bounteous, but be used to again enjoy comfortable " small endowment " for the young couple of the life, "Joint-stock " asking housekeeper is a kind of save labour really the tweak of be economical; To homemaking service personnel character, accept the service of 3 two families at the same time, how much won't workload increase, but than " man-to-man " suffer the income that employs another person to want a few taller. She reckons this means will be accepted by more domestic place, its serve a project to basically will be centered in the family on the cooking of daily cleanness and daily feed; Suitable scope lives in same area for concentration, be apart from very close neighbour, colleague or relative.
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