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Baby-sitter is nervous during the Spring Festival
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After the Spring Festival passes, the homemaking such as labour of Bao Jie, hour, baby-sitter serves demand to increase apparently, the circumstance with in short supply baby-sitter increasingly dash forward show, many families sigh with emotion baby-sitter searchs hard.

The reporter understands in the company of a few homemaking of the city zone, before the service price that Bao Jie, hour is versed in and Spring Festival keep balance basically, the price that hour is versed in still is 10 yuan / hour left and right sides, personnel also is compared relatively bounteous. Under photograph comparing, long-term baby-sitter appears very in short supply, the price of baby-sitter also all the time when the river rises the boat goes up too, now the social status of a long-term baby-sitter basically every months not under 800 yuan, wrap even eat encase. The chief of health clean property says, everyday many 10 other people comes here to ascend summary baby-sitter now, can come to register every two 3 gifts that make baby-sitter, baby-sitter has beg without offerring is the biggest now question.

Recently, rapid move should look for Ms. Zhang of new residential quarter of urban blessing door baby-sitter of a confinement, fast a week can be registered in company of a homemaking, still do not have assured source up to now. The reporter understands from 96345 citizens service center, at present the our city returns what neither one serves personnel technically in the light of homemaking to groom orgnaization. That is to say, the active baby-sitter on homemaking market grooms without what pass relevant and professional knowledge now, this is a few more pardonable also advocate employ deep feeling baby-sitter to search hard.

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