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Town is filled south Sichuan province special service activity carried out skill
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Fulfil to carry out " the announcement that Sichuan province works and social security hall receives special service activity about beginning skill post to be opposite " (plain 〔 of Lao Sheming report 2006 〕 10) requirement, promote obtain employment of laborer of of all kinds skill, contented enterprise uses labor demand, compose builds bridge of skill post butt joint, stimulative obtain employment and again obtain employment, tailor-made definitive edition implements plan.

, mobile tenet

Begin skill post butt joint through the organization special service activity, contented company is right Gao Su Qualitative skill laborer is pressing demand, offer a person to serve originally for graduate of school of college, technical secondary school, duty school, ability school and the of all kinds staff that join skill to groom, build the good atmosphere of skill obtain employment, creation skill talent becomes long obtain employment environment quickly, increase manpower resource reasonable match strength, alleviate structural gender take up an occupation is contradictory, harmony of society of economy of stimulative our city develops.

2, mobile theme

Satisfy business demand, serve skill talented person

3, executive unit

By labor safeguard bureau is in charge of taking the lead, organization of obtain employment bureau is carried out, with communal obtain employment service orgnaization is rely on, the organization is of all kinds school, groom orgnaization and news media are taken an active part in.

4, constituent leader

For cogent the constituent leadership that strengthens pair of activities, ensure the activity presses a plan, measure ground is begun. Bureau of town work safeguard establishs skill post butt joint special service activity heads a group, by city labor ensures bureau director Qin Yimin to hold the post of a group leader, jiangdi of Li Maokang of director of bureau of obtain employment of Chen Jinsong of deputy director general of bureau of town work safeguard, city, deputy director general always holds the post of assistant group leader, zhang Li of director of office of bureau of town work safeguard, groom bureau of obtain employment of Li Shangcui of section chief of obtain employment division, city grooms Yu Lin of director of service center of Meng Hemei of division section chief, profession introduction is a member, the organization that is in charge of this activity is led and coordinate the work. Leader group sets the office, jiang Diyong of deputy director general of bureau of city obtain employment holds office director part-time.

5, mobile time

This mobile time is: In June 2006, in September, divide a phase to carry out:

Before June 20, to make working plan, arouse launch phase;

On June 21, on September 15, for specific executive level;

On September 15, on September 30, rise for summary, working report of statistical data, compose and report data phase.

6, service object and ask

(one) serve for the enterprise. Face the of all kinds company that is badly in need of skill laborer, begin special information and service of invite applications for a job, every requirement action uses graduate of institution of higher learing, secondary vocational school and the station that have worker of qualification of profession of primary labour above (post of skill of the following abbreviation) information, can introduce freely in communal profession release on orgnaization and relevant website.
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