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  Advance finance to serve innovation to promote project of social obtain employment


Fulfil obtain employment policy this to urge informal discussion of poineering hurried obtain employment, leave very in time, very important also. In the morning, comrade Hua Jianmin made important speech. Wait meeting, labor ensures the comrade of ministry, Ministry of finance to still make important speech, the comrade of bank system should be carried out seriously fulfil. The Party Central Committee, the State Council asks obtain employment all the time The problem regards as masses cares most, the the directest, realest problem, implemented vigorous obtain employment policy, and gained very great success. Meeting general fulfils silver-colored inspect seriously center is decision-making spirit of deploy and this conference, guide banking finance orgnaization actively to participate in project of social obtain employment, serve through improving finance energetically, drive environment of ameliorative poineering obtain employment, stimulative implementation obtain employment and again obtain employment target. Below, I introduce banking simply is how to carry out those who implement obtain employment policy.

, staff of unemployment of serious open come off sentry duty is small assure loan business

According to the Party Central Committee, the State Council " personnel of unemployment of good about be being done further come off sentry duty again the announcement that obtain employment works " requirement, banking finance orgnaization these staff of year of unemployment of serious open come off sentry duty is small assure loan business, increase staff of pair of come off sentry duty again obtain employment and the credit support that do poineering work independently, alleviate pressure of social obtain employment. In recent years, urban commercial bank in small bank orgnaization, in stimulative community economy development and support extend respect of obtain employment domain, increased credit to support strength, "Economy of two small " borrows money to promote than great extent. Increased personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty to be sought oneself especially profession and what do poineering work independently is small assure the investment of loan, better land solved personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty to do poineering work the capital difficulty problem that face, provided strong support to drive poineering hurried obtain employment. According to preliminary count, to this year April end, hair of banking finance orgnaization puts down hillock unemployment staff is small assure loan remaining sum 4.5 billion yuan, only this year 1-4 month, extended with respect to accumulative total 800 million yuan.

Meanwhile, banking finance orgnaization is improved actively small assure loan serves kind, ask concerned policy to had been carried out, had fulfilled. For instance, a few banks are in personnel of come off sentry duty relatively centralized community established special branch (like Harbin commercial bank) , interiorly of a few banks was built it is personnel of come off sentry duty only again the " that obtain employment offers finance to serve does poineering work loan " center, the finance that still a few banks are aimed at personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty served demand to roll out an individual to produce loan, individual to invest management loan and individual to help the new product such as loan of course of study, expanded to assure the limits of gage. In addition, orgnaization of a few banks considered actively still to roll out the financial product that suits with phase of project of poineering obtain employment in great quantities, for instance, whole borrow 0 still borrow money, account is mandatory loan, movable impawn borrows money, the natural person produces management loan, impawn of life-insurance guarantee slip borrows money, exit drawback enterprise borrows money, and loan of odd impawn of financing of goods in stock, storehouse.
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