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Sichuan continous is in relief: Personnel of unemployment of hillock of 50 under
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   Do poineering work through attending groom, personnel of unemployment of a batch of come off sentry duty of continous in relief city shows itself quickly, make industry small employer. The data that comes from service center of city obtain employment shows: To the end of this year June, staff plays the unemployment of come off sentry duty that whole town organizes 1566 to have poineering desire in all do poineering work groom, there are 50 people to establish successfully after grooming small company, 751 people come true to seek a profession oneself, do poineering work groom successful rate is 60% , created 1281 new Post of course of study.

Arrive by the dot face, this city does poineering work groom gained revolutionary headway. Attend do poineering work personnel of groomed unemployment of come off sentry duty by mushroom reached the 940 people first half of the year last year this year the 1566 people first half of the year, grew 1.66 times. Do poineering work to drive groom begin, service center of city obtain employment compiled and print " again obtain employment grooms, do poineering work groom service guideline " , for unemployment of come off sentry duty personnel, lost territory does not have the poineering crowd such as farmer of course of study and college graduate to seek poineering way, offerred do poineering work groom, start business is directive, small assure the form a complete set such as loan serves, obtained remarkable result. City the Women's Federation is special also open woman of unemployment of come off sentry duty does poineering work groom class, drove do poineering work groom of the job begin. Will do poineering work groom with extend small loan is united in wedlock cheek by jowl rise, accomplish the loan after grooming first, rose to do poineering work greatly groomed successful rate.

This city is developed adequately still again obtain employment grooms the main effect of base, developed a variety of forms again obtain employment grooms. 3 oil of this city class, river, requirements again obtain employment grooms base foundation labour market demand, reasonable setting grooms professional, publicize to community through media and constituent personnel, bring personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty into play to attend again the enthusiasm that obtain employment grooms. Opened technically face " 4050 " wait for minister boy or girl friend groom professional, organization of specific aim ground began homemaking service, property management, health care to massage etc again obtain employment grooms, obtained better result. Obtain employment of river oily city grooms central etc again obtain employment grooms base organization concerns personnel, use every months of hair to put cost-of-living time, will groom time of professional, begin school, place again obtain employment grooms information sends unemployment of come off sentry duty personnel hand in, arouse organize them to attend again obtain employment grooms.
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