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The Central Bank is versed in with respect to the farmer about sectional chief t
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  The organization held Chinese people bank yesterday conference of TV of job of promotion of service of characteristic of card of bank of peasant worker worker, the promotion work that does good farmer to be versed in the bank blocks characteristic service to be in the 12 provinces city that has a requirement undertook comprehensive deploy. Chinese people bank carries out a farmer to be versed in the bank blocks characteristic to serve the query that answered media reporter about sectional chief.

   One, what is service of characteristic of card of bank of peasant worker worker ?

Service of characteristic of card of bank of peasant worker worker is to show the farmer is versed in after hitting building site to use wage income bank card to stock the bank that participates in a farmer to be versed in the bank blocks characteristic to serve, can be in the country of home town nearby bar of credit agency site collects ready money.

Because use bank card to take a paragraph to be carried not only,go to the lavatory, still can be on guard the incident such as counterfeit money, bilk, theft, in case missing bank gets stuck, can deal with formalities of report the loss of sth in time, assured the personal interest that the farmer is versed in, the convenient, quick passage extraction a money that says the farmer is versed in the bank blocks characteristic to served to offer a direct and outspread excellent doorway for peasant worker worker so.

   2, why does service of characteristic of card of bank of peasant worker worker choose Guizhou above all pilot? Does business develop a case how?

Guizhou is big province of output of peasant worker worker, guizhou Province went out 2005 Wu labour farmer exceeds 4 million person, year labor income exceeds 30 billion yuan of RMB, hold total value of complete province GDP about 15.4% , the main way that this income changes excellent country is to carry ready money, put in bigger safe hidden trouble, urgent need goes out for Guizhou the remittance channel that Wu is versed in personnel offers safe, advantage. In the meantime, condition of base of agency of Guizhou country credit is better, already realized the entire network that save couplet last year, according to " V2.0 of standard of technology of combination of net of bank card couplet " the standard built centralized integrated business processing system, joined silver-colored couplet network, have the relevant professional work that begins a farmer to be versed in characteristic serves and technical requirement.

Guizhou Province is pilot debutted on December 29 last year, after the silver-colored couplet that the person that hold card issues through whole nation of industrial and commercial bank borrows the silver-colored couplet that writes down card and branch of agricultural bank Guizhou Province to issue to lend the deposit that write down card, through Chinese silver couplet exchanges a network, the county can be reached in the county inside Guizhou Province bar of agency of credit of the following country takes paragraph and inquiry. Be led about the branch in each and support energetically below, via silver of industrial and commercial bank, agriculture bank, China couplet is mixed company of couplet of credence of Guizhou Province country joint efforts, guizhou is pilot achieve complete success. Current, portfolio rises steadily, the month all grows speed to amount to 54.2% . Each system moves stability, it is normal that different ground accesses money business to handle, trade to be achieved into power 98.76% . Service of characteristic of laborer bank card is in Guizhou is pilot gain a success, go out to convenient Guizhou remit money of Wu work staff, improvement company of Guizhou farming letter pays bank of country of settle accounts channel, stimulative Guizhou check accept the market development produced positive effect, be shared the active evaluation of the sufficient affirmation of travel and society by each. The success with pilot Guizhou also was people bank to accumulate experience in promotion job of the whole nation, laid a foundation.
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