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Division of management of intelligent floor space is forerunner talent
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Division of management of intelligent floor space points to be engaged in building intelligence to turn systematic government and equipment management, move with maintain the staff that waits for the job. Working content is: Monitoring of? of cangue of Fan of ビ of ぢ of  of Fei moraine Jia, use, safeguard construction equipment; to manage communication and network system; to use with improve intelligence to build administrative system; to manage fire alarm and safety to be on guard system.

According to concerning expert introduction, lou Yuzhi can change the crystallization that is modern industry high-tech, it is future " information freeway " main Node. Current, had sided with on international " intelligent edifice group " , " intelligent block " , " intelligence turns a city " development. Intelligent floor space of the United States exceeds 10 thousand, the mansion that Japan builds is intelligent edifice almost. Be in our country, lou Yuzhi can spend occurrence time shorter, but the course that changes as intelligence of digitlization of our country city, building is accelerated increasingly, people is right the program of living environment, construction, management and service, had higher demand, the working environment that the thinking that uses science, whole, system will come to build contemporary intelligence to change, living environment already made inevitable trend. Real-estate industry and our country intelligence build the development with swift and violent market, will play the requirement that changes pair of intelligent floor space to manage professional directly.

Apparent, government of intelligent floor space is the sunny profession that accompanying our country to Lou Yuzhi can be changed and appear, but at present home makes an appointment with 700 thousand person only from personnel of course of study, and basically center in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Ning Bo, Dalian to wait big in city. It is reported, lou Yuzhi can be changed involve major product of much, form a complete set and technology are multifarious, and the product changes rapid, but it is the new window in Lou Yu and residential construction, very tall to asking from personnel of course of study. For instance, must be familiar with or understand intelligent floor space structure of the principle of each subsystem, composition, the management that participate in or organizes intelligent floor space, safeguard wait for an activity, must have construction equipment to control the academic knowledge such as network of system, communication, information network, professional technical ability oneself, and ability of constituent management analysis.

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