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5:30 Yuesao to get up a bottle of disinfectant
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Reporter learned yesterday from 81,890, household cleaning, home maternal and child care, household goods transportation and other domestic service in Ningbo, six local standards into effect from this month, domestic service in the content, quality, safety and other aspects will become more standardized, standardization. In the future, such as how Yuesao arrange a day's work? Moving and moving companies should be agreed before the details of what? What is included in the family routine cleaning and other issues, are available from the relevant industry norms and standards of service to find the answer. The standard domestic service from Ningbo City, Standardization Technical Committee drafted. Lack of industry standards As of June 2010, the city more than 3,000 domestic service enterprises, more than 50,000 domestic employees, domestic service enterprises have become an important part of the tertiary industry in stimulating domestic demand, expanding employment, promoting economic development played a more and more important role. However, from Ningbo City, the current situation, on the one hand, domestic companies still in the training stage of development overall, the organization is small, the service level is not high, service quality is uneven, not regulate the market order; the other hand, domestic employees entry barrier is low, generally not high educational level, quality varies greatly, the low level of professionalism and specialization, common behavior against the interests of consumers, consumer complaint rate increased year by year, to some extent affected the industry's healthy and rapid development. Previously, the lack of uniform industry standards, how to assess the domestic service is good or bad is a problem. Service quality has a standard control Ningbo City, the introduction of the six local standards are: "Qualifying domestic level standard", "domestic enterprise-class standards" and "household cleaning services specification", "mother and child care services, family norms", "household goods moving services norms "and" purchasing agent service standards. " According to reports, this is the first on domestic services in Ningbo, local standards, including "domestic employees in levels of qualification standards," "domestic enterprise-class standards" and the three criteria are expected to upgrade to become the national standard, specific reporting work in progress. These six standards and norms in the service requirements of domestic industry, services, processes, services, technology, methods and rating services of both rights and dispute resolution methods, etc. are clearly explained. For example, the "mother and child care services, family norms" on the requirements for personal hygiene care workers, forbidden to wear jewelry during induction, disable cosmetics; owned daily necessities, to take into chaos, chaotic things with the user; content and careful recording neonatal growth and so on. There is also a member of the specification standardized care service specifications, developed Yuesao day's work, from 5:30 am to 9 pm, each time what to do, there is detail. "Household goods moving services specification" in the request, began to move before moving employees to conduct a detailed examination of the items, the number of handling the inventory, record complete list of moving goods, and requests the customers to sign, to remind customers to review and keep a good collection of small pieces valuables easily lead to damage of the controversial shooting valuables and fragile items in the valuables and affix seal the package in order to identify and handling. "Home cleaning service standards" in the quality of conventional cleaning a detailed specification, the family room environment should be items placed orderly, neat and clean, without misplacing linked disorder; the family room to be clean and beautiful interior, visually clean, clean air, no smell; facilities and items of family life should be neat and orderly, clean and dust free. Maternal and child care workers families standardized services The main services schedule 5:30 1. Get up, personal wash; 2. Boiling water; 3. Sterilized bottles 6:00 1. Baby wash, wash, Xipi Gu, umbilical cord disinfection, changing diapers, changing clothes, feeding, body temperature half an hour after feeding, changing diapers, then wash with warm water after nursing ass; 2. For breakfast; 3. Maternal wash, eat breakfast, brush if necessary, change clothes, wound care; 4. Washing bottles, cleaning, laundry; 5. The room air half-hour 9:00 1. Changing diapers, feeding, care and after washing with warm water butt, changing diapers; 2. Cleaning and sterilizing bottles, preparing snacks, maternal snack; 3. Guide to do post-natal exercises 11:30 1. For lunch; 2. Lunch 12:30 1. Changing diapers, feeding, care and after washing with warm water butt, changing diapers; 2. Pick up the housework, cleaning and sterilizing bottles; 3. For lunch 15:30 1. Changing diapers, feeding, care and after washing with warm water butt, changing diapers; 2. Wash bottles, prepare snacks, snack maternal 16:30 1. Boiling water; 2. Baby shower, massage massage, umbilical cord disinfection, ass nursing, changing diapers, changing clothes; 3. Washing, disinfection of baby clothes 18:00 1. Preparing dinner; 2. Changing diapers, feeding, care and after washing with warm water butt, changing diapers; 3. Dinner 20:00 1. Maternal brush; 2. Room ventilation; 3. Packed house; 4. Laundry 21:00 1. Prepare snacks, maternal snack; 2. Changing diapers, feeding, care and after washing with warm water butt, changing diapers, sterilized bottle; 3. Maternal wash; 4. Ready to rest