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26-year-old college graduates do CEOs also when Yuesao
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She is a professional international trade graduates, but love have taken the bait "nanny", less than three years, has become a mother and child care company CEOs. Yesterday, the South Bank area in 2010, "domestic service project" Training started, Xiao-Lu with her staff, came to enroll in training. "I often go when Yuesao own." 26-year-old Xiao-Lu said that although she has a boss, but sometimes three to five days are living in their employers home, helping to condition the baby, or do some guidance. Xiao-Lu is a professional international trade, Chongqing University graduates. After graduating in 2006, for a year in foreign trade. One day, she readily turned up a magazine and saw a girl opening month of Hebei story apartment, suddenly she felt to find business opportunity. "Month of apartments needing too much money, I get it out." Xiao-Lu said, she believes, maternal and child care in this industry is very promising. So, after many twists and turns, she went to Shandong to learn three or four months of the maternal and child care. Back to Chongqing, in Wong opened a baby swimming pool rim. Her boss, only one employee. Although expensive, but popular beyond her level of expectation. Reservations are required to come to swim up to the day when there are some 20 babies to swim. General swimming, bathing, touching down to complete more than an hour, she would personally do ten hours a day without rest. Hot, the small exposed also found other problems: many parents do not take care of children. The end of 2008, she again went to Shandong to learn, after their return to Chongqing and became a Yuesao. However, when the maternal and child care is the side of the boss, while when the employees at the initial stage, often living in their employers home. So far, she has to take care of 30 to a baby. Now, the baby's care, treatment of common diseases, as well as along the way and the children, Xiao-Lu has a set. Sometimes, her recommendations, the employer is also dubious to the hospital, however, they found the hospital is treated the same way. Later, these employers will often give her a call, ask questions. Xiao-Lu that, to each household to take care of the baby, is a learning process. For example, once home to an old Chinese medicine care, then learned the Chinese method of treatment of infant oral ulcer; to Taiwan's home to study nursing maternal postpartum Taiwanese ... ... Xiao-Lu when Yuesao an addiction, one that up to endless . Now, her company more than 30 fixed Yuesao, there are more than 70 mobile signing Yuesao, also opened a franchise in Wanzhou. Her goal is to put her into a maternal and child care company to open stores. South Bank area nanny free training to learn "not to disclose private employer" Yesterday to the 2010 South Bank area, "Home Service Project" officially started training the first batch of the 1,800 high-quality training for domestic staff. According to reports, the training given to 1,200 yuan from the government budget / person subsidy, as long as men over the age of 16 years of age, 55 years of age; women over the age of 16 years of age, people under the age of 50, can be to the District Federation of Trade Unions, Qushang Wei application. Migrant workers and laid-off workers have priority in enrollment. Chongqing Industry Association of Home Economics Ye introduced, in addition to vocational skills training, to devote eight hours in terms of professional ethics. Among them, the employer does not participate in family affairs, not to disclose private employer, punctual and trustworthy, are key. It is, at present, the city about 10 million people in domestic service industries, including babysitting, cleaning, maternal and child care, moving and other projects. However, less than 3 percent of them have received formal professional training courses. It is understood that the housekeeping staff have received professional training needs of larger, higher income have more than doubled. Biru, general Yuesao Meiyue receive only 1,000 yuan wages, and professional after graduation, can reach 3,000 yuan monthly salary, if there are 3 to 5 years experience in training and learning and practice, but also achieve 5,000. Now, the city is about 5 million gap in domestic market.