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Yuesao favored by the "schedule" full "after 80" to join the ranks of nurses
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Recently, the first batch of 111 Jiangmen "Yuesao" received the "maternal care, feeding of special professional competence certificate", and "certificates." It is understood that these certified students through systematic training of 150 hours and successfully pass Through the City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the strict test. This reporter learned that, at present in the domestic market, the holder of up to 2,500 yuan monthly salary Yuesao. There Yuesao frankly, has been discharged next February. With the development of the industry, more young nurse resignation of competing for market . Yuesao more popular than the housekeeping staff To help the majority of women's employment, this year, Jiangmen City Women's Federation, women and children in the center has held four training, including training of domestic staff and nursing staff (Yuesao) training. Following the June 49 this year, students receive "home Government vocational skills waiter job card "after 111 people have received the" certificate of professional competence of special feeding. " It is understood that the training of domestic staff Yuesao and content are different, the more specialized, focusing on nursing knowledge and Aspects of training. "A total of 150 hours, 30 hours of classroom study and 60 hours to care hospital practice, 60 hours practical arrangements to go home." Activities of women and children in Jiangmen City, according to Director of the Centre introduced Ling Jiang times a month Sao training includes theoretical, practical operation, the process of training 3. With the growing popularity of course, recently in the new session Muzhou East Central Sha Village is also located point training. According to its disclosure, in Jiangmen, a monthly salary of domestic workers usually 1,500 yuan, while the monthly salary of up to 2,500 yuan Yuesao that "no one studied home economics" are beginning to appear. Therefore, at the center recently held the fifth Training, changed the course content, defined as "domestic plus Yuesao" will teach two skills together. "Society must do Yuesao domestic knowledge." Kang plays Ling added. "80" join the ranks of young nurses In recent years, with the Yuesao popular, the industry no longer mainly rural women, or laid-off workers, some young women graduated health care professionals have joined the ranks. In the first licensing of Jiangmen Yuesao in, there is some "After 80" of women. 24-year-old course in a small bell is the youngest student, graduated from the School of Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology at the hospital as a nurse after 5 years, resigned and became Yuesao. "For myself, this is a very brave attempt." Has been on Post 5 months, because of the expertise, the small bell popular employers. Compared with the young Yuesao from the large number of rural Yuesao. Song Zhiying from Taishan to get permits to attend the training, she told reporters after training, ready to go to Foshan, "the other side of higher wages." In fact, She has been engaged in domestic work three to four years, before transferring this year, when Yuesao. "Jiangmen Yuesao 2500 yuan monthly salary, while the monthly salary of 3,000 yuan Foshan." "It also depends on the industry level, and this level is based on your experience Set, advanced four or five hundred dollars higher than the initial month. " Reminder: employers and the contract should be signed Yuesao Compared to domestic work, the requirements of a family of Yuesao higher, more professional, not only because of Yuesao maternal care, take care of newborns. Therefore, Yuesao need to have scientific nursing knowledge, and its 24-hour should Live in the employer's home. Reporter has learned that some families not only requires time in the recruitment interview Yuesao, and to bring them to the medical examination. Yuesao quite a number of views of the employers: "Some employers do not trust us, will put some money away, necklaces at home test you." Song Zhiying that had been tried once, immediately after she found "fry the employer." However, She admitted that, in most cases, employers Yuesao critical encounter, will get used to, "after all, playing a job." According to reports, the current market, if the agency hired through formal Yuesao, employers and the two sides will sign a contract Yuesao, some agency intermediary fees received after the employer, but also for the Yuesao accident insurance. However, Is that most Yuesao work through acquaintances, some employers like to save the agency fee Tuo Shuren recommended. In this case, both the majority did not sign the contract. "Generally verbal consultation, agreed to pay a good hair , Rest time and overtime subsidies. "Song Zhiying said. Professionals engaged in training on the proposal, should be made between employers and Yuesao contract agreed scope of work and working hours in order to avoid unnecessary disputes. In addition, some mothers during the month easy Tantrums, whining, so be sure to Yuesao and enhance communication between employers, to prevent misunderstandings or mistakes.