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Employment Yuesao hard for Baotou
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Now, more and more young people are paying attention to prenatal and postnatal care, pregnant and want to develop a healthy baby. However, due to lack of knowledge of breastfeeding on fertility has become a bottleneck restricting young breastfeeding infants. At the same time, for months Sao demand is also increasing. Yuesao has become the hot jobs in the city, but the scarcity of Baotou Yuesao headache domestic market situation. Status: Yuesao staff shortage "Find the three domestic services company, said that an appointment in advance, and advance booking may not be able to find a professional." Yuesao are looking for Ms. Wang as a friend told reporters. According to Ms. Wang, and now into the The basic reproductive age have only one child, the parents met in the field or in poor health situation is to rely on friends to help. But the young people in the maternal and infant feeding to maintain the knowledge do not understand, have to find Yuesao help. But looking for a professional Yuesao too hard. Contact the three domestic companies, only one message that you wait for Ms. Wang, and he said that the appointment Yuesao, at least a half months ahead of schedule an appointment. Baotou City in Beijing established maternal and child care services, limited liability company manager, told reporters that high, employment Yuesao appointment is definitely necessary, the company's Yuesao have appointment to April 2011. Baotou City, the company named Li Fang nanny work For personnel, said the recent period has been filled Yuesao. Although the wages of Yuesao more than 3,500 yuan, and has been rising, but the staff still in short supply. Yuesao high wages Zhao prepared the baby's birth, told reporters, ready to give birth, has been concerned about Yuesao company, to hire a good number of Yuesao, but now it is too high Yuesao wages, and asked a lot are three or four thousand Element . Baotou City in Beijing established maternal and child care services, limited liability company manager, briefed reporters on the high, according to Yuesao of services, service, work experience and their own qualifications and other requirements, Yuesao the wage difference, but minimum Are 3000 yuan monthly salary, the maximum can reach 6,000 yuan. Employers to gradually increase Yuesao demanding posts Journalists in the provision of services to domestic companies Yuesao understand that the employment of young people Yuesao care and infant feeding on maternal work no experience, wants to hire skilled Yuesao and have certain cultural Quality, scientific care of themselves and their baby, so that the requirements of Yuesao also increasing. With the increase Yuesao training institutions and improvement of Yuesao need to learn more and more things. Baotou City in Beijing, according to established maternal and child care services manager of a limited liability company introduced high, and now there is no formal Yuesao to polarize the market, are within the company based on the quality of Yuesao different companies will be divided into different Yuesao Level. The classification level is based on whether the child-care division is Yuesao certificate, experience, professional skills, customer feedback and so on. And now the age of women working in Yuesao thirty to fifty years old in between the City Greater need for younger Yuesao field, five-year-old women in general are not taking over. Yuesao posts each for a health certificate before they begin.