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Professional with a crooked baby head Yuesao Nanjing Yuesao Bacheng undocument
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Recent insider newspaper exposure for neonatal services market after a series of articles published in the paper, causing a lot of reader sympathy. Some readers call the newspaper, described the experiences encountered unprofessional Yuesao and urged the relevant departments as soon as possible group Organization began training in this industry. The first week crooked baby Liu, who lives in the Drum Tower, said on the phone, their home in March this year, his son was born, you had a "month of nanny" who vowed Yuesao commitment to the company, this month of nanny experience and very professional, and received his They cost 2,350 yuan. But just over a week, the family found the nanny is simply an outsider, the child appeared as diffuse milk, the situation suddenly crying, she was nothing. Gengrang difficult to accept the family is under one month , The son also appeared in his head was twisted to one side of the situation. Found after careful observation of the family, the nanny to sleep when the baby has been tilted his head, and the correct method should be sideways. Ms Lau said that every day now they corrected the child's sleep habits, child Child is very painful, very painful family find Yuesao company, the attitude is pretty good, that can give their house for one, but do not believe Liu this company. Yuesao grade standards are too casual Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Nanjing within the next hundred meters Yuesao gathered more than a dozen companies. Almost every man women and children out of city will continuously received Yuesao advertising campaign alone. Recently, a 40-year-old woman under the guidance leaflets, the reporter turned into the City, women and children next to an alley, a little less than ten square yard in front of reporters. The journalists rather surprising is that the yard though not But squeezed into the three large Yuesao company. Leaflets of the woman that reporters were a little surprised, and said cheerfully, dry place, but this line of high cost of land they are a golden land. Led her into a Yuesao company news, the reception staff patiently asked reporters what time the child was born, he took out a notebook to allow journalists to choose from. Reporter noted that the book covered with dense The photos, each photo below the level of simple personal profile and in price from 2,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan per month range. "This level is defined how?" The reporter asked. "According to Yuesao posts to set the number of years." Reception staff told reporters. The reporters found that the company's Yuesao divided into primary, secondary, and super star. The Star Yuesao general length of service level in 2 years, while the premium is to do more than 4 years Yuesao, all about the difference between the price level of 600 yuan. And this Yuesao firms, another company within the company Yuesao Yuesao has a new level to determine changes. The person in charge of the company that they are all customers have the final say Yuesao level, the evaluation of good grades Be high, otherwise level is low. And compared to the first, this so-called Diamond Yuesao open to 3,500 yuan monthly, and there are 4 days rest days a month. Induction through the motions "After all that deceive the Yuesao level!" Has done a Yuesao the aunt told reporters that her first visit to a company two years ago to work, they give their intermediate Yuesao the call. As I was doing a good A month later to a second customer, she promoted to senior Yuesao monthly salary increased from 1,300 yuan to 1,800 yuan. Yuesao whether or need professional training? Reporter in the interview that, as early as 2003, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security on the development of a "national occupational standards for child-care workers", which provides that only trained and Awarded National Home vocational skill evaluation organ Certificate issued by feeding people can do this job. The reporter in an interview that the information display, Nanjing, Chengdu, are undocumented Yuesao 8 posts of "mercenaries." One company has done in the Yuesao Yuesao Ms. Wang told reporters that she had to work at a company, due to work intensity, generally do this live in rural areas are women. Yuesao just started two years ago, a good Yuesao monthly salary of 1,000 yuan, they are divided into general and corporate notoginseng, could get 700 yuan a month. For training, Wang admits that she once had, it was the first report to the company, responsible people to follow their own home who is customer service Yuesao practice a day, and then go to the client's home to work the next day . "But to make money, got the time to take into account the training, ah." Ms. Wang said that this year Yuesao more popular, all right by her side at home, the home of many women, have suddenly become a Yuesao.