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Plute mom of China spends big money to hire a wet nurse
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To super plute of China, luxurious car, private houseboat and diamond already were poor ordinary other people. Now, a new identity sign increased again in the essential thing of plute: Hire a wet nurse.

In the past, allow other woman and not be child mother goes lactation baby is considered as " degenerate " expression. But now, coastal city is medium southeast China rich the estate that rise is manacled by original contraindication no longer, they want the way of ancestor of follow the lead of.

Young mother is attracted by place of salary of high specified number, the pay that the children of their lactation rich other people gets can achieve 8 times of existing income at most. One is called " visit mother " the wet nurse says: "In the begining, I have worry. But money persuaded me. The monthly wages when I go to work previously 1000 yuan. Now, I can make the money of 5 times. I can make the money of 5 times..

In coming from a poor college graduate of Jiangsu to also join wet nurse main force. This young mother of 28 years old gives kin to attend his child, oneself come to Shanghai in a family. She needs to offer her mother milk sample, accept medical treatment inspection.

Besides the mother milk that should have high quality, they still are asked member of royalty of follow the lead of, want to start end stop place of business and can recite archaic poem poetry, even food and drink also has strict regulation, include Chinese traditional medicine and medicinal food among them, if stew pig hoof,wait. Recite skill besides record of formal schooling and poetic word, they are returned must young, beautiful. But if the child of their lactation cannot add 20 grams weight everyday, employer can deduct fine from inside their salary.

To develop the market, company of intermediary of lunar elder brother's wife, homemaking added wet nurse service very quickly. An intermediary strong start business did not have a few days to receive the order of wet nurse of 200 many employ.

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