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Because like a child
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Comprehensive information occupies our newspaper " Wuhan evening paper " report, stem from an individual to like, university of Hua Zhongke ability is the same as Wang Xue of graduate of aid college of medicine (alias) went up in website of one to apply for a job recently, released the intent of to apply for a job that wishs to be engaged in domestic baby nursing.

21 days, the reporter understands, wang Xue of 23 years old comes from Hubei Zhong Xiang, was graduated from university of Hua Zhongke ability to be the same as aid college of medicine in June 2005. Direction of her most classmate to apply for a job is gone to toward gaze at each are big hospital, she what can love a child, health of particularly dedicated when school baby learns with what the life nurses, hope to be able to come to take care of the child for young father and mother all the time. Get online after releasing, calling person makes she has too many visitors or business to deal with.

Shi Chenyan of advanced vocational guidance introduces labour market of region of Wuhan 硚 mouth, current, in each big city, "Domestic Yo baby member " (common calls a month elder brother's wife) market demand is very big, average 3 new students the demand that the family has elder brother's wife of a month at least.

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