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Seek a new life the element of belch
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New student belch causes by tripartite face reason more:

Because nurse,be undeserved, chill of diseases caused by external factors, the circulation of vital energy in the wrong direction of chills and fever and not suitable, common saying says is " drank air cooling " and cause belch;

2 because breast is fed,be undeserved, if breast is fed intemperate, or milk of surfeit raw or cold food or take cold antipyretic too content criterion stagnation of the circulation of vital energy is no good, plane of abate, air rises taste function fall wrong and make be gone against on gastric gas move midriff and cause belch;

3 because take food,be previous or after Jing cries, take food, temporarily choke choke also can cause belch.

Usually is like without other disease abrupt belch, belch voice is sodorous and strong and successive, it is cool be caused by of catch a cold catch a cold commonly, can drink bit of hot water to its, at the same time pectoral abdomen enclothes cotton warm clothing by, winter still can be in the garment by outside buy heat preservation of one hot-water bottle, can be not treated sometimes and heal. Be like fit time longer or fit is frequent, yi Ke is in boiled water bubble a few orange skins (the effect that orange skin has Shu Chang to enrage disposition of the machine, chaotic that turn a stomach, manage) , need water lukewarm appropriate when drinkable, cold cool appropriate criterion belch stops oneself.

If because breast is fed,do not think of breast to feed, can smell when belch indigestible acerbity corrupt peculiar smell, usable disappear is fed guide the method of sluggish, if the gentleness of pectoral abdomen is massaged,take hawkthorn water in order to make air be issued to lower levels or drink to aerate aperient (hawkthorn taste is sour, disappear feeds be good at stomach, increase digest enzymatic exudation) , feed calm one's anger to arrange, criterion belch stops oneself.

New student belch is more benign be restricted oneself sexual belch, did not grow up the sort of afflictive feeling, "Hit " had met a little while, right of course new student belch also should be given priority to with precaution. Children is in cry obstruction of the circulation of vital energy when unfavorable take food, there should be correct pose position when sucking the breast. The new student of breast having a parent, the breast that be like a mother is very enough, when taking food, should avoid to make galactic flow too quickly; The children of artificial feed, when taking food, also should avoid urgent, fast, ice, very hot, want to swallow slow pharynx less when absorb. New student lure of usable when belch toy or the music with soft send out are sent with changing its condition, reduce the frequency of belch.

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