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New student Morpheus characteristic
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New student period, it is to point to after just was born to be born from children 28 days this paragraph of time. New student pallium is stimulant low, the stimulation that the outside comes to is right new student for it is too strong, what because this lasts to be stimulated with reduplicative,make is special easily fatigue, cause cerebral cortex stimulant more low and enter Morpheus state. Be in so new student period, except hunger should suck the breast to just awake, cry outside be troubled by a little while, almost all time are in Morpheus. Later the development as pallium, children Morpheus time shortens gradually. Morpheus can make pallium gets rest and restore its function, it is very necessary to child health. Average new life the Morpheus time of one day and night is 18 ~ 20 hours.

The United States and Holand have a psychologist each, careful observation, studied a new life behavior expression, according to the new student the different level cent of arousal and Morpheus is condition of 6 kinds of consciousness: Condition of two kinds of Morpheus -- quiet Morpheus (sleep greatly) with mobile Morpheus (shallow sleep) ; Condition of 3 kinds of arousal -- quiet arousal, vivid kinaesthesia wakes and cry; Another kind is to upright to be mixed at Morpheus wake the transition between form, namely drowse condition.

(Condition of 1) quiet Morpheus: The facial muscle of darling is loosened, the eye is closing. Outside be being moved except now and then shy and extremely slight mouth all over, without other activities. Breath is very even. Little baby is in position of complete rest interest.

(Condition of 2) activity Morpheus: The eye closes normally, open momently accidentally only, eyelid vibrates sometimes, often see eyeball move quickly below eyelid. Breath is irregular, when comparing quiet Morpheus a bit fast. Arm, leg and whole body have some of activity now and then. Funny expression often is shown on the face, if do moue, smile and frown. Appear sometimes absorb movement or masticatory motion. Before arousal, be in condition of Morpheus of this kind of activity normally. Time of two kinds of Morpheus makes an appointment with above to take an in part each.

(3) drowse condition: After happening at just waking normally or before falling asleep. The eye is opened partly shut partly, eyelid appears blink, the eyeball before the eye closes may roll up. The look becomes dull, unresponsive. Sometimes smile, frown or pout a lip. Constant companion has spend shy gently. When little baby is in condition of this kind of Morpheus, want to make sure he sleeps quietly as far as possible, must not because of his a few petty action, small expression think by accident " darling woke " , "Need was nursed " and go disturbing him.

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