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The tit is bitten how to do after the child grows a tooth
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When a few baby is born or after be born before long, grow teething to age. This kind of tooth is more commonly in mandible the position that cuts a tooth, common it is a tooth. This kind of tooth is to cut a tooth normally, also may be much more unripe tooth. The likelihood is normal deciduous teeth, also may be much more unripe tooth. The likelihood is tooth embryo is apart from oral cavity mucous membrane too low close and premature bud goes out. The tooth that this kind of premature bud gives still lies development is inchoate, often be to become loose have fall off easily and by the baby inspiratory and tracheal. So, no matter this kind of tooth is normal deciduous teeth or much more unripe tooth, if discover very become loose, have fall off when the likelihood, should as soon as possible pulls out. If do not shake influence baby absorb, cannot lactation, with when should stop to eat suck feed, convert spoon feeds breast.

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