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New student what disease to send easily?
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New student it is to point to just was born 0- - birth of 28 days baby, when this moment darling very flimsy, contract a disease very easily. And new student a lot of common diseases are only darling is in new student period just is met some. Young father and mother wants special treat.

(1) new student choking is a new student after be born, only heart beats and do not have breath, or only the faint breath with irregular, intermittence, simple table, it is childbirth Cheng is produced to grow too in the process, cause serious and anoxic cause, if fetal heartbeat is minutely,exceed 160 times or under all be anoxic sign 100 times. Light person general classics is cleared respiratory tract eyewinker, take take sb to task, play arch, breath can restore very quickly. Serious person can cause cerebral cell necrotic or die within 24 hours.

(2) head haematoma and new student yield tumor be born number sees the head appears inside day one circle swollen content, if touch see the edge is clear, do not exceed bone to seam, call coronal haematoma; It is not clear to be like touched brim, bump exceeds bone to seam, have fluctuant feeling, call scalp oedema, produce tumor namely. General haematoma can be in 1 absorb to 4 months, and oedema can be in be born 2 after coming 3 days, disappear, do not require treatment, do not massage, puncture pump.

(3) new student skull internal haemorrhage is a new student hemal burst haemorrhage is caused inside the head. Expression of the person that have skull internal haemorrhage is irritating, scream loudly, vomiting, convulsive, before Xin Peng grand, the head is admired backward, two stare, breath is difficult, do not eat to be not drunk, be addicted to sleeps, muscle is flabby, reflection disappears. This is serious illness of a kind of danger, rescue dies easily not in time to death.

(4) new student pneumonic this also is a kind of serious illness. New student suffer from pneumonic when very few cough, behave general situation difference only, response is low, buccal foam, be agitated, cry is faint, do not suck the breast, temperature drops, breath is hurried, lip is paly wait. This disease should send a hospital rescue.

(5) new student haemolysis disease basically is as a result of Mu Ying blood type shoulds not or be the baby suffers from dextrose of red blood cell - disease of enzymatic blemish of dehydrogenation of 6- phosphoric acid is caused. Expression is splenomegaly of icteric, anaemic, oedema, liver to wait. Blood type disagreement is common it is O at the mother model, the baby is A model or B person. This kind of blood type shoulds not in fact very common, but the person that cause haemolysis disease only 2.5% , the reason is not clear. Dextrose of red blood cell - disease of enzymatic blemish of dehydrogenation of 6- phosphoric acid, it is a kind of hereditary disease that sees Yu Nan baby. As a result of the lack inside body this is planted enzymatic, once camphor ball of anoxic, contact, take K of vitamin of sulphanilamide medicine, inject to wait can cause haemolysis.
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