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New student how should dacryocystitis do
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New student dacryocystitis is a kind commonner outside the eye is ill, expression is col is a bark, even flaxen pus current goes out. Always the child got this kind of disease, the parent is very anxious, can ask this is what disease after all, , have big problem.

Actually, new student the happening of dacryocystitis is by bazoo tear stains is jammed cause. Normally new student the exit of nose tear stains has velar account other people to close, most new student in generation tear while velar account other people is met automatic burst (be in commonly after be born 3 - 4 weeks) , lachrymal path begins expedite. But have little new life the velar account other people that close is kinder, or because ministry of nose tear stains is congenital stricture or nasal septum are unbalanced, create lachrymal road block, tear is with respect to meeting retention inside lachrymal bursa. The humidity inside lachrymal bursa is optimum the bacterium grows progenitive, once affect, tear turned pus into fluid namely.

When encountering this kind of situation, the side of bridge of the nose that the parent answers to have an eye in the child everyday 9 (say on medicine inside adjoin ministry) , by go up to undertake measurable lachrymal bursa area is massaged orderly downward, the finger when massaging does not slide on the skin or rub is moved, use big toe however clingy skin uses power at hypodermic lachrymal bursa what the area makes to be slidden by what go up and fall with massage. Such massage can undertake everyday 2 - 4. In the meantime, should cooperate a dot to use antibiotic eyedrop (wait like eyedrop of rifampin, chloromycetin) , use everyday 3 - 4, every time 1 - 2. Autograph of cotton of the application before drop liquid medicine wipes antrum fluid clean.

If massage,do not get effective, still can let oculist undertake for the child tear stains is rinsed repeatedly to the hospital, if still not be successful, should go as early as possible tear stains probing, cause a tear likely otherwise inflammation is organized all round bursa, or form lachrymal bursa fistula, this is a kind extremely the fistula that cures not easily thoroughly, what still can affect appearance is beautiful.

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