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Law of observation of navel pathological changes
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Take care of a new student navel needs an attention, whether umbilical cord is in moisture, or handle ceaseless ooze blood by umbilical cord, or the liquid of oozy clear yellow, or the unusual appearance such as grain shape excrement and urine. After side darling bathes, wipe the moisture of clean navel place with pily club, keep dry, when having any problems, should consult doctor make a diagnosis and give treatment.  

Navel, medicine says in for " the god faults " . When fetal still be in mom abdomen when, draw the oxygen on maternal body and the blood that contain nutrient by umbilical cord. When the new student when ground of quack honorary title, the doctor can be cut open connecting mother and fetal umbilical cord, the scab that treats form of umbilical cut place was dropped, can leave a mark, this trace is navel. Normal navel contains vein of a 2 hilum artery, hilum, arteries and veins of activity of bladder of portal vein of embryo period and arteries and veins of umbilical kidney activity, hilum, hilum form umbilical bowel to be in charge of a clump, as the mother's body fetal the contact net between. When fetal after be born, these activity arteries and veins degrade all right gradually namely atrophy becomes petty ligament, be in commonly after be born 20 days, umbilical cord is mixed no longer each organ is interlinked inside body.  

Umbilical ministry nurses

In the new student be born umbilical cord falls off around, paramedic can try to disinfect with 95% alcohol normally, 95% alcohol call dehydration alcohol again, what can quicken umbilical cord is dry, in order to prevent bacterial infection. Taking care of normally below, umbilical cord is made an appointment with after baby is born 7 after coming 10 days, meet natural and dry fall off. Won't exceed 14 days normally, major umbilical cord falls off very flatly come down, navel is very wash-and-wear also. The navel that just fell off is in, the likelihood is a few oozier hematic water, parents do not need too nervous, it can resemble average cut cicatrizationing all right gradually euqally, still continue to handle according to umbilical processing regulation right now went.  

What some umbilical cord fall off is not complete, the likelihood still stays to was on navel, make navel often is wet, such case, cause chronic agnail and granulation organization proliferation very easily, call umbilical polyp or umbilical granulation. If umbilical breath granulation lasts two, when 3 weeks do not have the phenomenon of subsidise, can look for doctor chemically material, if nitric acid is silver-colored,AGNO3 or electric burn destroy granulation, wait for 5 - after 7 days, umbilical breath granulation can work to change and drop gradually. Although these are small issues, but if processing is undeserved, can cause bacterial infection, also cannot treat sth lightly.  

After helping darling bathe every time, the moisture that retains navel position should be brushed with pily club try clean, maintain navel clean. Touch the alcohol of 95% to be wiped at navel place with cotton club, begin by umbilical root ministry or sunken place, brush outwards next stop to the skin, and at changing diaper every time when, examination hilum ministry is dry, if umbilical ministry still is moisture, can repeat the act of above, wipe again with the alcohol of 95% . Dry the navel after falls off easily, cause a bacterium not easily also.  
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